A little behind…

Sorry for the long break from entries, but after a crazy summer of traveling , life has  taken me towards a new path.

I’m formally working in the automotive business so my addiction to all things fast and German is going to get progressively worse. My schedule is a grind, but I couldn’t let this site get further behind…so hopefully you guys are still checking in from time to time.

So here’s what I’m looking at these days.

A  Gt3 is still not in the works until perhaps 2016, hoping by then prices for a 996 GT3  Cup Car won’t be too bad….Gt3 goodness…


Who’s sez 911 Targa’s aren’t sexy ? Here’ a Rauh Welt specimen.



Then there’s the 190 Cosworth Evo……

I have found a 1 owner in 199 Metallic. Texas car, AC intact, all records since Day 1 including the tin MBZ service plate.

There’s also a guy on German Ebay that exports Evo1 flares to the USA. The smarter man in me would get this Cossie today before it gets picked up by someone else.


Misc Pjorn.

Just some fast weaponry pics.

I wonder what the pre-requisites are to be a member of the Carbon Club ?