Fat flared Avants & late night scenes…

We’re back after taking some time off going to races and events.

On a personal note, I thought I’d thrown in a pic of my freshly detailed Audi S6.

I love this car. Always have, and though its far from the fastest Audi I’ve owned it just seems to be the best all around to date.

I love the sound of a V8, and the Audi 4.2 litre 40 valve is simply nasty when you un-cork it a wee bit by way of Milltek DP’s and a race cat. It now freely hits the limiter @ 7200 rpms .

This is pretty much the same motor that led to the evolution of the B7 Rs4 and R8 v8 sans the FSI, which the jury is still out on since carbon build-up seems to be a nagging issue.

There have been some manual o1E 6 speed manual swaps as of late, which I know completely transforms the car, but for now I still enjoy the ZF 5 speed tiptronic in S drive. Its fun enough and makes sense for DD duty.

One of my favorite roads for drivingĀ  is the Taconic State Parkway which runs from just outside of Scarsdale NY where it meets the Sprain Parkway and the Tappan Zee bridge area, north to just about the foothills of the Berkshires.

Its an old school smooth 2 laner that cuts through some of the most stunning towns and hillside farms of the Hudson Valley. The great Ian Fleming described it in one of the James Bond novels as the most beautiful road in the world he’d experienced.

Not too unlike the fantastic B roads that lead out of Paris or London as one heads to the countryside.

Here are some images one would find at night as they venture on the Taconic on the way to Chatham NY.

By the way the food at this diner is good, its open fairly late and has killer bread/rice pudding. Can’t miss it. Its right next to the parkway on the North bound side a few miles beforeĀ  the Austerlitz/Chatham exit.

Taconic Diner

Taconic Diner near Chatham NY