Mercedes Cosworth vs BMW E30 M3 ..the saga continues…

for the first time in I don’t know how long….someone finally has the nads and clarity to state what I’ve always believed….

Of the two icons, the 190e Cossie is the better all around car !

It just is.

I’ve driven both several times thru the years, in all sorts of incarnations, but if one were to drive stock , well sorted examples of both…the Cossie is just oh-so sweet., and gets a slight nod from us.

Its a little bit slower, not quite as nimble as the M , but it sounds better, its more durable, and once you’ve done enough suspension tweaks, goes like the devil at the track.

As Jason pointed out, the Benz rides absolutely superb ! it has a quality that unless you get behind one, is hard to believe. Bank vault stability , and it just invites spirited driving in both a raw and at the same time refined sensation.

This is what is lacking, in my opinion with the M3.

Yes, its the more race inspired of the 2, but you really have to ring the snot out of it , and that gets old after a while.

The Cosworth 2.3 is just a better motor than the S14. The Cossie’s crank just seems to love hi revs, while the S14’s 2.3 sounds more like a drama queen.

If the Benz got Motronic efi instead of CIS its power would be closer to 200 which I’m sure in turn would make the 2.3 16v a more sought after car and more on-par, power wise with the M.

Excellent comparo, great video Jason ! and I totally agree with you 101% that the story of the Merc is waaay cooler than that of the M3.

Just the Nardo record alone gives me chills. Very few cars have accomplished that.

PS- This opine is from me, a guy who’s owned several M cars