Top10 Stupid Fast Cars for Under 25K

There’s nothing that can beat a healthy B5 Audi S4 that’s been upgraded to a full Stage 3 let alone anything for 25K.

A typical Stage3 with Borg Warner Ko4’s with full fueling normally puts down 400-425 at the wheels on 93 pump gas. That’s slightly over 510hp at the crank on a car that weighs 3400lbs with leather seats ! 0-60 is usually sub 3.5 secs/ 1/4 in the hi 11’s.

A Stage3 S4 w/ BW Ko4 Rs6’s will put down about 485whp + on pump

A Stage3 S4 w/ a built bottom-end and Tial 770R’s is a 600+whp car.

These days one can buy a clean bone-stock S4 for about 7-9K, and with a budget of about 15K can send the car to EPL or Wicked Motorsports or Elite for a full Stage3 conversion.

We here at Rs2racer are proud to own an 01 EPL tuned Stage3 with a current semi-conservative tune that has made 380whp at EPL’s Mustang Dyno. In the next month we’ll be upgrading to a water/meth kit and retune to bump it up to 425whp for 93 octane pump.

We took it out the other night w/ temps at about 31F and did some WOT pulls and 1 pretty aggressive launch and lets just say there’s maybe 2 cars I’ve driven in the last 4 yrs that will hang with it. Definitely redefines “Bang for your Buck ! “.

This makes the 2000-2002 Audi S4 take #1 in our Top 10 Stupid Fast list for under 25K.


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