Getting back to really fast wagons…

hot off the press is Drive TV’s review of the new Audi B8 RS4 vs the 2013 C63 Estate.

Love the segment where Harris is driving the venerable B5 Rs4 w/ its 2.7 Twin snailed/Cossie tuned mega motor….though he quips about its handling…he’s driving a fairly stock car.

With MTM or EPL Tuning and KW V2 coilovers, the B5 Rs4 can easily do 750 HP at the WHEELS !!! that’ll just about devour anything out on the road that’s in the 300K dollar range.

I’m a huge fan of the widebodied uber ur-Rs4 as I am the Rs2 !

Good stuff. Enjoy !


Hats off to the guys at Stanceworks…

though I’m not a fan of the whole slammed and stretched scene….I am a steadfast believer of  …” To Each His Own” .

Mike Burroughs writes well, and I admire his dedication .

Hey , we all love fine machinery right ?? and when it boils right down to it, I think the world would be an awful boring place if we all had the same cars.

I’ve linked one of SW’s recent outings with this BMW collector and his collection of early BMW 2002’s, 1600’s and rare Alpina steel.

Back in the late 80’s my friend Dallas Raines, the local ABC weather anchor in Los Angeles had a really well sorted 2002 w/ Alpina boxflares and track suspension.

I remember having it for a weekend, we swapped cars, I lent him my 1979 Mazda Rx7 with a built Webber’d 13B, and I the 002.

Took it up to the hills behind the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and its been a while, but it tore up the canyon. Great car.



Let’s go get some groceries…fast !

While the rest of the world embraced the idea of the utility in the sport wagon, Avant, Touring, Estate…etc….we here in the US missed the boat.

Due to our love and admiration for vehicles such as the Ford Exploder, Dodge Crap-avan, Honda Passport and countless throes of homegenous SUV’s … our sales demographics have dq’d us from getting some of the coolest and downright fastest cars in the planet .

Up until last year , this was our 1995 Audi S6- 485+ hp on pump gas. Lived on a steady diet of BMW M cars and a few Porsche’s…

The Sauber C9/C11 – the most beautiful Sports Prototype of all time ?

we here at Rs2racer think it is.

With Le Mans just around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to highlight this amazing machine.

The C9 was Peter Sauber’s magnum opus. By all standards a dominant thoroughbred . Having won Le Mans in 1988 and 1989 as well as the WSC series where it simply wiped the floor with the competition .

This was an era when prototype racing saw the likes of such beasts as the Mazda 787B, the Tom Walkinshaw Silk Cut Jaguar, the Porsche 962  and the fierce Nissan GTP car. I remember seeing all but the C9 run in the IMSA GTP series back in the 80’s.

What we love about both the c9 and c11 is the powerplant. Its Mercedes’ venerable M119 V8 that was found in cars like the 500SL, and the Porsche-Benz collaboration 500e which I personally had owned a while ago.

Sauber strapped on 2 turbos and something close to 950hp was the end result. Top speed at the Mulsanne straights was 250 mph ! I’m pretty sure the prototype cars don’t run anywhere near that speed today.

We’re diehard Audi nuts here, its even the moniker of our blog name. The Rs2 was Audi’s first Avant with over 350hp, a supercar even by today’s standards, but as brilliant as the R15 is, the Tdi motor is too quiet almost.

You knew when a C9 or C11 was running. Heaven and Earth moved …

Its a shame that Mercedes spends all their time and effort with the F1 car, Le Mans hasn’t been the same since they and Porsche stopped running in the top class.  Well at least Porsche is back in 2013…..maybe success  will prompt AMG to front a team.


Some in car comparisons….

Here’s Johnny Herbert taking “the” Le Mans winning Mazda 787B out of museum storage out on the Le Mans circuit. This wins for best sound .


Finally ! Harris talks about his E28 M5…the first M5.

We’re big fans of Chris Harris here at Rs2racer.

The guy’s totally bonkers about cars like we are,   and !    he walks the talk.

Harris personally owns from a new GT3 RS 4.0 , a sick green 71 911T w/ a built and stroked 6, and I know he had an E39 M5 at one time plus a slew of others he clues in on once in a while.

How can you not like a guy who’s  living the dream and makes good enough coin being an auto-journalist ?

Without further delay here’s his film about his personal M5. The car he’ll never sell, and a car that we believe is one of the Top 10 Most Significant of all time.

His M is just right…meaning not a ” minter ” , dings and trim wear here and there…but its an honest example that wears these scars proudly.

He just described my personal E34 M5 to the tee !