In Praise of the Big Bad Coupe GT…

the other day I had a conversation with a good friend about what might constitute the perfect daily driven hi powered car.

Would it be a big Q ship 4 door saloon/sedan or a GT Coupe like a Vanquish, SLS, 599, Panamera,AMG Black, etc.

My vote “IF”  I lived in a non-winter state would hands down be the 599.

Its very much like the late-great Mr. Marvin Gaye crooned ….” sexual healing ” …

Here are some ridiculous snippets of what these hyper-coupes are like.


<p><a href=”″>SP Engineering –

When I drove the Scuderia a few months ago, I realized why I had wanted to move away from forced-induction. You just can’t get that plaintive wail  if there’s a snail in the way.

Pure motor. Ultra Hi Rev’s.        There’s something religious about that concept.


<p><a href=”″>Ferrari 599 GTO


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