Hats off to the guys at Stanceworks…

though I’m not a fan of the whole slammed and stretched scene….I am a steadfast believer of  …” To Each His Own” .

Mike Burroughs writes well, and I admire his dedication .

Hey , we all love fine machinery right ?? and when it boils right down to it, I think the world would be an awful boring place if we all had the same cars.

I’ve linked one of SW’s recent outings with this BMW collector and his collection of early BMW 2002’s, 1600’s and rare Alpina steel.

Back in the late 80’s my friend Dallas Raines, the local ABC weather anchor in Los Angeles had a really well sorted 2002 w/ Alpina boxflares and track suspension.

I remember having it for a weekend, we swapped cars, I lent him my 1979 Mazda Rx7 with a built Webber’d 13B, and I the 002.

Took it up to the hills behind the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and its been a while, but it tore up the canyon. Great car.




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