A day at Turner Motorsports

So a few weeks ago I met my good friend and fellow car nut John S at Turner Motorsports in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

We were hoping to meet up somewhere along the way on 495.  At about 15 miles out I see in my rear view an Alpine White E90/92 fast approaching …and I said to myself….” Self ” this could be fun !

Turns out to be an M3 and he buzzed right by me ! a few secs later I get a call on the cell , and its John .  I knew he had a new M3 Comp but I didn’t think he was bringing it today…

So we did some pulls so I could show off my freshly installed track pipes and he did some as well. That V8 even with the OEM exhaust sounds amazing. Just right !

Later on John handed me the key to the M3 which had just had its stock brakes upgraded by Turner to a Stoptech BBK.

Even with the 20’s that John bumped up to the M had a very compliant ride. The brakes are ridiculous. Since J’s car is still daisy new… I didn’t want to ring its clock too much, but the few semi-threshold stops I tried were indicative of a car that would do well at a trackday.

John does a lot of work with them and was gracious enough to assist with getting me access and also swap out the DME on my M5 .

Mine has a Dinan tune on it and its been a while since I tried the TMS one which I had  on my previous M5 so I wanted to see if there was enough difference in the Dinan chip that’s already in there.

Turner is an impressive facility if you’ve never been !  One can easily get the impression why they are successful in both their Race and Street development.

The first thing you see when you walk in is  Will Turner’s early E30 M3 race car right smack dab in the waiting area. Its just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as the entire facility is like being in an adult Toys R Us .

As you meander thru the different sections of the somewhat vast building you can’t help but be impressed, from the customer cars getting worked on, be it service or tuning to the Turner Motorsports race car section where the # 97 and its siblings are getting prepped for the next race. The place is spotless !

Many thanks again to my bud John ” I got waaay to many German cars ” S , Marco, Linda and the entire staff for a great day !


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