Big Bad Mercs …

” Lord won’t you buy mee a Mercedes Benz ! ” ………great song, and great car is a bit of an understatement.

In 1963 my father bought his first new car to celebrate my birth, his first son…a 1963 190D, black on parchment. Sometimes I think he loved that car more than me…but it most certainly started a now 48 year long relationship with the brand that continues to this day  with our current W164 ML350 .

Personally I’ve had a few nice Mercs . A sweet C36 AMG,  and a W124 500e Porsche built sedan. I sometimes miss my  500e. Old school fast, and just downright amazing so long as the road was straight., and those flares were just ridiculous. I think I miss looking at those the most. Probably the first true executive’s muscle car.

While the direction the boys at Affalterbach have taken  with its E63 AMG TT-V8 has undoubtedly made hordes of power hungry fans happy, as its going to have copious amounts of tuning potential…I don’t understand why they didn’t capitalize on what they were able to do with their highly successful Formula One technology.


Myself  I would have loved to have seen 550 hp from a high strung V8 like the 1st gen CLK BS, but it seems as if MB was looking at mpg efficiency as well, yeah right ! which I’m not sure the TT’s will deliver once modded.

Here are some tasty normally lunged, but Thor appropriate steeds. 20 years apart , but delivering the same message.

And here’s why I feel strongly about normally aspirated Mercs. You will never get this sound w/ twin turbos.

Crank up the volume !    Call it what you want…brutal…ludicrous speed….redonk…I say Game Over .


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