Enzo Ferrari once called the British teams…” garagists ” ! …

and most likely regretted that to his dying day.

Why ? because for the most part, the  British have been the most dominant of teams in all of Formula One. They spend the most time and money year after year.

Before WWII , Mercedes Benz backed by Adolf Hitler produced the Silver Arrow W154, a V12 supercharged monster of a car that decimated the competion. Race after race, no other car came close. Not only that, the Mercedes team innovated pit crew precision and on course communication between crew chief and driver. Way before the days of radio and telemetry.

After WWII, while the Americans raided Germany’s rocket and jet engineers and papers, the British took in German automobile secrets and some of its automobile mind trusts .

This fantastic film does one of the best jobs of portraying how F1 has evolved based on the triumphs of Sir Frank Williams.

At the 30 min mark, there’s a segment on the legendary Steve Berry. He is the god of fabricators….bar-none !

Berry is responsible for designing and hand-forming the exhaust and turbo manifolds that were used in the Williams BMW V10 motor. Watching him weld and pound and polish the Iconel pipes is absolute porn for  car nuts like us here at Rs2racer . And its great to see Patrick Head as well who is one of F1’s mad men !  Incredible stuff !

A must see for any fan of Formula One.

The Silver Arrow

Ferrari's 126C- their 1st turbo F1 car beloved by the " Tifosi's "

The last BMW powered Williams FWB car.


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