Revisiting the Icon: A Racing Sedan

It was officially the last handmade M5 to come out of the BMW Motorsport plant in Garching.

When I’m in my garage looking at my 91 M5 I’m thankful to the handful of  German men with big mustaches that put him together ! this will never happen again. Ever .

To us fanatics, its engine, the iconic S38 B36/B38 is made of diamonds and pearls. 315/340 bhp’s from an inline 6 cylinder with individual throttle bodies . I’ve been wrong plenty of times before, but I think this and the Euro E36 M3’s S50 B32 motor are the only production cars that ever came with ITB’s . This will probably  never happen again either.

The sound that comes from this motor can’t be described, it can only be lived. When it comes right down to it..the S38 is truly is a race motor, not just race bred then detuned for some yuppie production version of a car….its pretty much what was in the M1 Procar except that 6  was a less sophisticated version called the M88.

Arguably, the E34 M5 is a race sedan…not a sports sedan. The Audi S4 is a sports sedan, the Mercedes E55 is a sports sedan, the E34 M5 is, in my humble opinion is cut from a different bolt of cloth.

This  E34 M5 is a raw car. Slightly refined compared to its predecessor the E28, but the refinement makes it easier to drive at its limit. Nothing upsets it. The stereo is a waste. I never turn mine on. The soundtrack of the 3rd gear is something I will never tire of.

This article will evolve in the next week as there’s just too much to cover.


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