9300 mile Ferrari TR For Sale !


A good friend of mine called me  to let me know that he’s decided to sell his 1989 Ferrari Testarossa .

Its got 9300 miles on the odometer. He’s the original and only owner. This is a special order vehicle that he waited 18 months for. All the provenance and letters from Ferrari come w/ the car.

Its been stored in a garage all its life, and has seen very little exposure to the elements. This car only went out on perfect days. Not a day in the rain.

When I went to take pics of it and drive it, i couldn’t find a flaw in the paint. The interior still smells like it just left the line at Maranello. As incredible as the new F cars are,  the older ones are works of art .

We’re trying to pin it down to exact #’s , but I’m pretty confident this is one of less than 6 in the USA with less than 10K miles.

It will need a service, as its been off the road since 2007. No issues, just a full service.


Email me at rs2racer@gmail.com for info.



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