Not your typical barn find outing…..

Part of the allure of being a car nut, at least for me,  is the hunt for a new specimen . The days and hours spent looking at Craigslist ads, forum classifieds, and other secret sources that if I ever revealed …I’m afraid would lead to a hit being put out on me….I live for this stuff !  I eat, breathe and dream about German cars., and like all you other gearheadz , I too dream of one day finding something out of a barn that would be the end all to all barn finds .

One so awesome , Pearl Jam would write a song about it, but I digress.

Its a process that for the most part can be frustrating and definitely not for the faint of heart .In the world of buying and selling, there are lots of folks that seem to think they’re selling an Enzo., a red Barchetta .. and don’t even get me started on descriptions …the majority  are  as reliable as a politicians promise to feed all the starving children and employ every American .

That said , these forays have  also led to meeting some interesting characters , new friends , and  truly amazing nooks and crannies  of the country that one would not normally visit or find in a Travelocity package .

Today was one of those days where I met a good guy that completely shared my passion   and drove through some stunning back roads and looked at some amazing German steel .

This stemmed from a call I placed last week about  a 1991 BMW M5 listed in the Massachusetts area. California car, Ebay purchase, wrong color for both the seller and myself , but lots of maintenance records, and at least from the initial pics seemed like it was worth a look.

I’ve been trying to find a replacement for the one I sold a few years ago. Always regretted it, and though I know I can’t ever replace it, just owning a decent example I feel would tide me over.

We agreed on today for me to come check out the car. Holidays are done, check, my Honey to Do list complete, check, dog fed, check, so I gas up my S6 and started out towards the Mass Pike by way of Columbia County’s backroads. The S6 is modded, so pulling a healthy 25lbs of boost through the woods was making for a lovely day.

Normally, this time of the year, at least here in New England, one doesn’t have the luxury of taking an M car out for a spin as the roads by now are full of snow and can be treacherous., but today was a gift. The outside temp gauge on my Audi S6 read a balmy 48 F !

Before getting to John’s place I saw this abandoned gas station . Had to get a shot of my Audi S6  here. Hmmm, can I fit that Flying Horse sign in the back ??


Once I got to his road, I was taken a back at how rough it was. My thought was a converted fire trail…..can this be right ? this sucker went straight up and was full on dirt and muddy.  Glad I came in a non-lowered car.

Visions of some farm with a clapped out BMW with stickers that said M5.0 V8 immediately seeped into my brain , and that I had just wasted a day….but based on our conversation, I had hopes there was gold at the end of this trail.

In more ways than one….it turned out to be a good day.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

That's Christian's old monster Coupe...think 034 Motorsports.

Not too shabby, interior is pretty damn mint. Needs some things, but overall a nice example.


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